Introducing youkwhd

I'm an undergraduate student majoring Computer Science, a fast paced self-taught programmer [1] who's proficient using C99 & Typescript as a language of choice, utilizing Neovim as an efficient text editor for every day use.

With the mention of Neovim, thus can be summarized that i am in fact a GNU/Linux enthusiast. I prefer to use a non PID1 systemd based systems. Most of my softwares are purely Libre.

Writing articles

The only reason why this site is here is because of me wanting to write articles. Be aware that each and every articles are written based on my experience. You can find my articles by either:

  1. Inspecting every articles
  2. Checking all the available tags/topics

Thank you for the visit, this site is free from Javascript.

Chat with me

Please contact me via email, the address is, grab my pgp public key for convenience.